About Us

Endeavor Notes

English learning is very important for us because it's an international language. But a huge number of people all over the world can't learn English due to the lacking of enough guidelines. Hence, many people get frustrated and give up learning English. That's why we take this little initiative by providing them some guidelines regarding English language, grammar, literature and motivation.

Our main goal is to provide some comprehensive guideline from which our viewers can get some new ideas and properly execute their wisdom. Furthermore, they will get information regarding the English Language, grammar, English Literature and motivation.

Our aims

We always try to create new and intelligible contents so that people learn something from it. We work hard to give our readers something special which may help them whatever they desperately searching for (regarding English language,  literature, and motivation). We want to spread our knowledge and thoughts throughout all class of people and make the English language easy to understand.

Involving social media

Nowadays social media is a strong platform to share new information and experiences. We want to take the advantage to reach our views by sharing our contents. We are available in social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram to meet our readers and spread our contents. We regularly update our posts on social media to keep in touch with our readers.

If you have any query feel free to share with us. We are committed to giving you feedback. However, you can share your contents with us. But your content should be related to our website and must have enough quality which is sharable with our viewers and readers.