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English idioms and phrases | Top 101 idioms with examples and meanings

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English idioms and phrases with examples

English idioms and phrases play a vital role in our everyday especially when we make a conversation in English. Further, it is also important in spoken and written English.  Let us discuss what is the definition, meaning and examples of English idioms.

Idioms are a group of words whose meaning is not as predictable as the usual meaning of those words. Examples of some English idioms:

Idioms are marked as bold for easy identification.
Top 101 idiom examples and meanings

  • He is a black sheep in our society.
  • I will accept it by no means.
  • He goes to school on time.
  • Please do the work by heart and soul.
  • I get rid of from the disease.

Top 101 examples of English idioms and phrases

Top 101 examples of English idioms and phrases are given in the below including meanings of those idioms:

1. After all (in spite of everything) After all, he will be considered as a good human being.
2. Above all (more than anything else) Above all, you should be attentive to your study.
3. All in all (supreme) She obeys her duty all in all.
4. As usual (habitually) Mr Zamal is getting money as usual.
5. Apple of discord (a matter of dispute) This identified land is an apple of discord.
6. As if (as it would be) He speaks loudly as if he has done everything.
7. At a loss (puzzled) She has become at a loss after seeing this incident.
8. At all (primarily) Mr Jacob doesn't care about his job at all.
9. At a stretch (without break) I will do this task at a stretch.
10. At home (skilled, comfortable) He is enough at home in English.
11. At large (free) Currently, Mr Jishan is at large from everything.
12. At last (in the long run) At last, I resolved the issue.
13. At least (at the lowest) At least you can pick the book.
14. At random (without any aim) He is driving the car at random.
15. At sixes and sevens (scattered The situation is really at sixes and sevens.
16. At stake (in danger) He has fallen in at stake.
17. At the eleventh hour (at the last moment) The doctor has come at the eleventh hour.
18. Bad blood (ill feeling) I feel bad blood for your misdeed.
19. Beat about the bush (talking irrelevantly) Please stop your beat about the bush.
20. Bed of roses (comfortable condition) The action is not a bed of roses.
21. Black sheep (person of bad character) This is a black sheep of our society.
22. Beggar description (can't be described) His present suffering is the beggar description.
23. By all means (in all possible ways) You have to do by all means.
24. By the bye (in the course of talking) He follows all the rules by the bye.
25. By chance (by accident) He has got the job by chance.
26. By fits and starts (irregularly) He comes here by fits and starts.
27. By no means (in no way) I can't accept it by no means.
28. By hook or by crook (by fear means or foul) She will get it by hook or by crook.
29. By leaps and bound (very rapidly) The disease is spreading by leaps and bound.
30. Big gun (a leading man) Al last I have got the big gun.
31. Bone of contention (a matter of dispute) It's a bone of contention.
32. Bosom friend (close friend) I have a bosom friend.
33. Bring to light (make open) Ultimately, she brings to light her face.
34. Build castles in the air (indulge in idle vision) Please don't think about build castles in the air.
35. Call to mind (remember) Do you call to mind myself?
36. Cats and dogs (very heavily) It's raining cats and dogs.
37. Cock and bull story (absurd story) Your story is a cock and bull story.
38. Crying need (urgent need) Food is the crying need in Syria.
39. Crocodile tears (pretended cry) Please stop your crocodile tears.
40. Dead language (a language who is no longer use) The ancient language is the dead language.
41. Dead of night (midnight) It's dead of night.
42. End in smoke (fail) All of my values end in smoke.
43. Far and wide (everywhere) I see the person far and wide.
44. From A to Z (from the beginning to end) Please fix the issue from A to Z.
45. Gala day (holiday) Friday is our gala day.
46. Get rid of (to free from) He will get rid of from the suffering soon.
47. Heart and soul (with all energy) Let's do the work with heart and soul.
48. Hold water (be effective) This criteria will not hold water in the issue.
49. Hush money (bribe money) He always takes hush money.
50. In fine (in conclusion) In fine, we can say it's a good story.
51. In time (in proper time) She has attended the class in time.
52. In order to (with the object of) I start my journey in order to meet my friends.
53. In lieu of (instead of) The company delivered the fake product in lieu of the original.
54. In black and white (in writing) Please show your documents in black and white.
55.In cold blood (without provocation) He has done the misdeed in cold blood.
56. In no time (soon) You have to come in no time.
57. Ins and outs (full details) Mr Kadee write a note ins and outs.
58. In force (in activity) He still remains in force.
59. In a nutshell (very briefly) Show your statement in a nutshell.
60. In the meantime (in the time between) In the meantime they have come here.
61. In the long run (ultimately) The boy will receive the trophy in the long run.
62. In vain (fruitless) All his hopes are going to in vain.
63. Lion's share (major part) Please give my lion's share.
64. Kith and kin (relative) They are our close kith and kin.
65. Maiden speech (first speech) The girl is delivering her maiden speech.
66. Man of letters (a scholar) He is a man of letters.
67. Man of straw (worthless man) We should avoid the man of straw.
68. Make both ends meet (live within means) The man can't make both ends meet.
69. Moot point (an undecided matter) It's not a moot point.
70. Null and void (invalid) I have to nip in the bud the trip.
71. Nip in the bud (destroy in the initial) All of his plans nips in the bud.
72. Now and then (occasionally) He comes the place now and then.
73. Of course (certainly) Of course I have done it.
74. On the contrary (just opposite) They are staying on the contrary.
75. On the wine (declining) Her weight is on the wine.
76. Out of date (out of fashion), Your product is now out of date.
77. Out of the wood (free from danger), The patient is out of the wood right now.
78. Out of doors (outside) Please follow the out of doors.
79. Out of sorts (not well), He is now out of sorts.
80. Out of order (defective), The engine is out of order.
81. Out of temper (angry), He is out of temper right now.
82. Part and parcel (an integral part) Food is the part and parcel of human life.
83. Pros and cons (details) Please tell all the pros and cons.
84. Rank and file (common man) He is a rank and file in our society.
85. Red letter day (memorable day) 20th August is my red letter day.
86. Red tape (official formalities) We have to follow the red tape.
87. Read between the line (understand the significance) You should have to read between the line.
88. Round the clock (twenty-four hours) We should obey our duties round the clock.
89. Set free (liberate) She is now set free from all charges.
90. Slow coach (one who is lazy) He is a slow coachman.
91. Slip of the tongue (slight mistake in speaking) It's my slip of the tongue.
92. Square meal (full meal) I want to eat a square meal.
93. Take to heart (cut to the quick) I take to heart when I heard the story.
94. Take one to task (rebuke) He always takes one to the task.
95. Tooth and nail (strongly) I condemn the matter tooth and nail.
96. Through thick and thin (through all difficulties) He came back strongly through thick and thin.
97. To the backbone (to the core) I know the incident to the backbone.
98. To the contrary (against) It's a nothing but to the contrary thing.
99. Turn over a new leaf (begin a new phase of life) I turn over a new leaf.
100. Up and downs (rise and fail) My income is up and downs suddenly.
101. White elephant (a costly unprofitable undertaking) It's really a white elephant matter.

In fine, we may say after memorizing all those idioms and phrases (with examples and meaning) we will able to make new sentences and conversations in English very smoothly. 

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