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How to speak English fluently and easily | 12 advanced methods

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How to speak English fluently and easily

This is a common question "how to speak English fluently and easily"? Many people become scared when they try to speak English fluently. It happens because of the lacking of advance guidelines. You will be a fluent speaker in English if you follow some tricks. But remember one thing, you must have consistency in yourself. Otherwise, you will unable to speak in English.

However, we will help you by providing some methods so that you can able to speak in English fluently. Let us analyze 'how to speak English fluently'? Just follow this article:

12 advance and secret methods to speak fluently and easily

How to speak English fluently

If you are capable of following the below methods, you can able to speak English fluently. 

1. Stay confident

You should be confident in yourself when you try to speak in English. Unfortunately, a huge number of people lose their confidence. For this reason, they can not reach their destination. Confidence is one of the basic parts to speak in English.
  • Try to speak confidently either it will right or wrong;
  • Forget those people who criticize you;
  • Don't forget to speak loudly;
  • Never lose your hope;
  • Don't be afraid when you speak.

2. Try to memorize vocabulary more and more

Without memorizing enough vocabularies you can not produce any sentence. And if you fail to produce sentences you can not speak properly. It is the fundamental parts to improve your speaking skills. You need to think deeply that which vocabularies are very important in your everyday life. Try to focus on that matter.

It will undoubtedly help you to improve your proficiency in speaking English. So don't waste your time. Start memorizing vocabularies more and more.

3. Mistake doesn't matter

Do you frustrate when you make a mistake to speak in English? If you do so then please stop it. Many people become scared about the accuracy of grammar. But it is not too much necessary to improve your speaking skills.
  • Concentrate on fluency rather than accuracy first;
  • Don't spend too much time on grammar;
  • Keep bravery in yourself;
  • Take errors as a normal phenomenon;
  • Try to speak about your everyday life.

4. Try to produce new sentences more and more

When you speak your mother tongue, you produce lots of sentences subconsciously. You should follow the same method. Try to produce more new sentences regularly. If you are able to produce new sentences you can improve your fluency in English undoubtedly. So don't waste your time. Follow this method and try to generate new sentences.

5. Find the best newspaper and magazine

A leading English newspaper can help you to improve your fluency fastly. You need to make a routine for reading the newspaper regularly. You will get lots of new ideas from newspaper and magazine if you continuously focus on it.
  • Think deeply and make a character as yourself when you read;
  • Mark the difficult words and try to memorize those words ;
  • Read a minimum of five articles at a day;
  • Try to focus more on the editorial part.

6. Make a conversation

It can be a good solution for you to speak in English fluently. Find someone who has enough fluency in English and starts a conversation with him. Afterwards, choose a topic whatever you want and begin your conversation. Try to follow this routine unless you reach your goal to speak in English.

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7. Develop your reading, writing and listening skills

Without developing reading, writing and listening skills you can't improve your fluency in English. These three methods are very important to improve your speaking skills. You need to read different types of books and articles. 

Furthermore, you should start free-hand writing. For improving listening skills you may listen to the speech of different English speakers and music.

8.  Ask questions and find a solution

It is one of the basic tricks to improve your speaking proficiency. Try to detect your lacking and point out some questions. After getting all the questions then try to find an easy solution. I think it will be a good idea to improve your fluency in English.

9. Keep calm and cool

You should keep yourself calm and cool when you prepare yourself for speaking in English. Don't be afraid even if you can't speak properly. Keep in mind that you will able to speak in English. So make sure you believe in yourself.

10. Don't afraid of grammar

Many people make the mistake that they concentrate more on grammar rules and structures rather than fluency. For this reason, they can't speak fluently.  It is in fact, true that even many native speakers also make mistake on grammar. So try to focus on fluency rather than accuracy. And this is how you will able to speak in English fluently.

11. Remove your frustration

It is very important when you want to develop your proficiency in speaking. Frustration can destroy confidence in yourself. So remove your frustration as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will unable to speak in English fluently. Don't give up your consistency. Stay positive your remove all the disappointment remain in yourself.

12. Stay positive

The last and final method is positivity. It can play a significant role to improve not only speaking skills but also the entire skills in English. You should never give up your hopefulness. Stay positive and follow your routine regularly.


No one can attain all the skills overnight. They spend sometimes and follow proper guidelines. It is also applied to you. If you want to be a fluent speaker in English you must follow these above methods. So don't waste your time. Start following these methods from right now. I hope you have got the answer to the question 'How to speak English fluently'?

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