How to improve your English | 4 basic methods to learn English easily

How to improve your English

How to improve your English? The people who want to learn English as a second language become confused or sometimes getting panic to feel, how to improve  English proficiency? But there are some comprehensive and easy methods to improve English proficiency. We can apply these methods to grow our skills in English. We may use 4 methods (reading, writing, listening and speaking) to develop our English skills. Let us discuss these methods:

4 basic methods to learn English easily

4 basic methods to learn English easily

1. Reading

Reading is the first and foremost method of developing English skills. But most of the people ignore this method. As a result, they can not improve their skills. However, we should emphasize reading practice and memorize the unknown vocabularies. Now you can ask me how to get reading ideas? I recommend you to read an English newspaper regularly. When you first open English newspaper it seems totally unknown to you but do not be frustrated. Continuously focus on reading and note the unknown vocabularies. Try to memorize at least five words in a day. You should follow the routine all most every day. Minimum six months continuously read English newspaper and see the result. We will surprise to feel that your reading skill developed.

2. Writing

Writing is one of the important methods of developing English proficiency. But alas! people avoid this method without knowing its flexibility. Some people don't know how to start writing to develop English proficiency. I want to give you some techniques to apply to this method. You may choose a topic whatever you want. It's seemed to be weird when you first think about it. But don,t worry. Select a topic or incident occurred around yourself and explain in your own style.

Committing mistake doesn't matter go ahead. Try to apply your reading skill here. You get many ideas from reading skill and utilize it in the writing method. Now see what happen?

3. Listening

Without listening method, you can not develop your English proficiency. I think you have doubt that how to develop English through listening method. Remove your all frustration. I give you some ideas. Do you like to watch English movies? If you don't please make a routine of watching English movies at least one once a week. Try to watch with subtitles. It may help you to understand the language properly.

After that, you find your English proficiency automatically developed. You may watch English news channels regularly. Try to understand the headlines. It may difficult but possible. You can follow the suggested English news channels
  • BBC
  • CNN
  • Aljazeera
  • Sky news
  • Fox news channel
  • VOA (Voice of America) etc.
So follow the instruction and keep it up. It helps you to improve your English skills easily.

4. Speaking

Now you may ask me I follow the above three methods it's not enough? I undoubtedly say not. Do you want to know why? Because speaking is another important method of developing English proficiency. Without speaking practice, it's almost impossible to develop English skills. So how to develop speaking skills? Follow the instructions: Create a group with your friends and gather in a noise free place. Similarly, pick a topic.

Let's join a group discussion about any topic. Ask questions among each other. If facing any problem try to resolve it. Believe me or not it's totally changed your English proficiency and make you an expert in English. Further, try to read any article loudly. It helps you to remove your lackings exist in your tongue. To sum up, I may say that this article helps you to develop your English proficiency.

Try to follow these instructions and apply your practical life. Please share this article with your friends if you get any informative ideas from it regarding how to improve your English?

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